Become a Reseller

The PottedTrees.com reseller program allows you to sell our potted trees and shrubs at your garden center. 

Please contact us to receive an information sheet, which includes details on pricing and expected margins.


What is the required minimum order to qualify for reseller pricing?
  • In order to receive reseller pricing, your order must include a minimum of 200 potted plants.  This can be a combination of any varieties and quantities that you desire.


What terms are available for resellers?
  • Approved resellers receive special terms.  A 25% deposit will be required to confirm your order.  The balance of your order must be paid within 30 days of delivery in order to receive your discount. 
When will I be able to take delivery of my order?
  • All orders will be available between late March and early May.  When you place your order, we will ask you for your desired delivery week.
How much will it cost to ship my order?

We have a couple of options, all designed to minimize your delivered cost.

  • Our shipping facility is located approximately 20 minutes north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  If you would like to pick up your order, there will be no charges aside from the nursery stock on your order.
  • If you would like us to deliver your order on the PottedTrees.com truck, we offer delivery to the Milwaukee, Madison and Chicagoland areas according to the fee schedule just below: 

Milwaukee area deliveries are a flat $50 each

Madison area deliveries are a flat $100 each

Chicagoland area deliveries are a flat $195 each

  • All orders shipping by freight will be charged a packaging charge of $.25 per tree.  We will explore several shipping options and choose the least expensive one which will be billed to you at our cost.  We receive excellent rates due to our high shipping volume.
Are there any other rules I should know about the reseller program?
  • Brick and mortar locations selling our stock locally are exempt from any pricing restraints, and are allowed to set their pricing as they see fit.   If your brick and mortar store is reselling our stock online, your retail pricing must be greater than prices listed on the PottedTrees.com website. 
What are the next steps to becoming a PottedTrees.com reseller?
  • Once you have decided to become a reseller, you'll need to complete a simple credit application.  If your company is a reseller located in the state of Wisconsin, you must complete a sales tax exemption certificate in order to avoid paying sales tax.