Proven Winners®

We are an authorized Proven Winners® Dealer for Arborvitae, Ninebark and more! Buy your Proven Winners® online at PottedTrees.com.

Proven Winners® premium quart plants are improved varieties that are easy to grow and care for, and are naturally healthy and vigorous. Blooming plants produce more and longer-lasting colorful blooms than their counterparts. Proven Winners® plants have been trialed and tested for many years before being released to the public.  

We carry a variety of Proven Winners® plants in bulk or by the pot including customer favorites like Anna's Magic Ball Arborvitae, Soft Serve False Cypress, Incrediball Hydrangea and more!

With such a large selection of Proven Winners® plants for sale, you'll find the perfect flowering plants for your home and business landscaping needs. We also provide potted tree solutions for commercial nurseries and resellers around the country.

The potted plants can be conveniently delivered to your door via FedEx. Bulk purchases can be palletized and shipped with a freight carrier.

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SKU Product name   Price  
BGG-QL Spirea - Glow Girl®
Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor'
  • $10.25
FYZ-QL Japanese Haskap - Yezberry Solo
Lonicera caerulea
  • $17.95
BRRC-4 Rose - Reminiscent™ Crema
Rosa x ‘BOZFRA121’
  • $17.95
BDKF-4 Diervilla - Kodiak™ Fresh
Diervilla x splendens 'SMNDSS'
  • $17.95
BRRL-4 Rose - Rise Up Lilac Days™
Rosa x ‘ChewLilacdays’
  • $17.95
BRRR-4 Rose - Rise Up™ Ringo®
Rosa x ‘ChewGateway’
  • $17.95
BWWS-4 Weigela - Wine & Spirits™
Weigela florida 'SMNWFGC'
  • $17.95
BCJG-4 Clematis - Jolly Good™
Clematis x 'Zojogo'
  • $17.95
BHFT-4 Hydrangea - Fire Light Tidbit®
Hydrangea paniculata x 'SMNHPK'
  • $17.95
BHQF-4 Hydrangea - Quick Fire Fab®
Hydrangea paniculata ‘SMNHPM’
  • $17.95
BRRD-4 Rose - Ringo® Double Pink
Rosa x ‘ChewDelight’
  • $17.95
BLFF-4 Bottlebrush - Legend of the Fall®
Fothergilla x intermedia 'ALICE'
  • $17.95
Items: 112 of 68, per page